11 Signal Regiment

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11 Signal Regiment
Active 1954 – 1965
Garrison/HQ Montreal, Quebec

// Summary and History Section //

HRH Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood paid a visit to 11 Signal Regiment on 4 October 1955.

Commanding Officers

Lt-Col H.L. Hurdle, OBE, 1954 to 1957
Lt-Col S.E. Alsop, ED, 1957 to 1961
Lt-Col D.L. Hart, MM, 1961 to 1965

Regimental Sergeants Major

WO1 Thurman, CD, exact dates unknown
WO1 D. Chappell, CD, exact dates unknown


Unit lineage
Created from
4 Signal Regiment
11 Signal Regiment
1954 - 1965
Succeeded by
15th Independent Signal Squadron
Created from
10 Signal Regiment

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