14 Escadron de Transmission du Canada

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14 Escadron de Transmission du Canada
Active January 1966 – 1970
Garrison/HQ Sherbrooke Quebec
Nickname 14 ET du C

In January 1966 14th Independent Signal Squadron was redesignated as "Le 14e Escadron de transmissions du Canada"

On the transfer of Signals units from the Army (FMC at the time) to CF Communication Command in 1970, two Signals units were retained by the Army. One of these units resided in Sherbrooke, Quebec and was known as 14 Escadron de Transmission du Canada. Later these remaining two Signals units were amalgamated into Communication Command and 14 ET du C, became 714 (Sherbrooke) Communication Squadron/(Escadron de Communication).

Unit lineage
Preceded by
14th Independent Signal Squadron
14 Escadron de Transmission du Canada Succeeded by
714 Communication Squadron

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