1 Airborne Signal Troop

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1 Airborne Signal Troop
Active 1 June 1958 – 31 August 1961

1 Airborne Signal Troop was authorized effective 1 June 1958[1], one of three troops to be formed when it was decided to break up and disband No. 1 Airborne Signal Squadron. The troop was to be formed at Barriefield Ontario and then relocated to Currie Barracks in Calgary Alberta by 6 Sep 1958 when it would then be attached to 1 Signal Squadron for administrative purposes.[2]

The troop was disbanded as an independent unit effective 31 August 1961[3] and responsibility for providing its airborne capability shifted to 1 Signal Squadron.

Commanding Officers

Not known at this time

Troop Warrant Officers

Not known at this time


Unit lineage
Preceded by
No. 1 Airborne Signal Squadron
1 Airborne Signal Troop
1958 - 1961
Succeeded by
1 Airborne Signal Troop of
1 Signal Squadron

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