32 Signal Regiment

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32 Signal Regiment
Unit crest 32 Signal Regiment.jpg
Founded 2011
Garrison/HQ Toronto and Borden, Ontario
Nickname 32 Sig Regt

32 Signals Regiment, a communications unit of the Canadian Army Reserves, was authorized by Ministerial Order dated 26 July 2011[1], the result of amalgamating 700 Communication Squadron and 709 Communication Regiment. In 2012, again by Ministerial Order[2], the unit name was corrected to 32 Signal Regiment, the correct styling of the unit name (Signal vs Signals).

The unit is part of the greater Toronto region’s 32 Canadian Brigade Group and consists of part-time and full-time Reserve and Regular Force trades persons, civilian students, professionals, business people, and public servants.

The regiment encompasses the following elements:[3]

Regimental Headquarters – at Fort York Armoury, Toronto.
1 Squadron – at Canadian Forces Base Borden. 1 Squadron (ATHENA) in Borden is named in commemoration of the mascot of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, the Greek goddess of war Athena. This reminds us of the historical origin of the Squadron as a filter centre for the Canadian Women’s Army Corps from 1962-1964, and readers should also note that the Owl of Athena was the symbol of 700 (Borden) Communication Squadron for the same reason.
2 Squadron – at Fort York Armoury, Toronto. 2 Squadron (2nd Signalling Company) in Toronto is named in commemoration of the founding unit of the Regiment in 1907 – the 2nd Signalling Company.
Support Troop – in Toronto and Borden. Support Troop (The Depot, RC Sigs) is named after the original home of Signals, and the depot at Camp Borden from 1923 to 1938. Support Troop has elements at both locations – Fort York Armoury and the 1 Squadron lines at CFB Borden.


The role of 32 Signal Regiment is to provide commanders and staffs within 32 Canadian Brigade Group the means to exercise command and control. The unit often provides deployed facilities and services to units and groups from the Brigade for training in combat operations or in readiness for domestic emergencies. This includes transportation in military trucks and trailers, physical security, tents and furniture, electrical power generation and distribution, heating, lighting, and other amenities for sustaining a headquarters facility in austere conditions. Teams of signallers establish IRIS tactical radio networks, satellite rear links, local cable networks, commercial network connectivity, and computer networks including the Land Command Support System (UNCLASSIFIED). The unit also supports information management and provides information technology support services.

Commanding Officers

LCol Daniel Bergeron, CD, 2011 – 12 May 2018
LCol A.C.W. Lai, CD, 12 May 2018 – 8 September 2020
LCol Micheal Duteau, 8 September 2020 - present

Regimental Sergeants Major

CWO Marcel Mallia, CD, 2011 – unknown
CWO S.G. Graham, CD, unknownpresent


Unit lineage
Created from
700 Communication Squadron
32 Signal Regiment Succeeded by
Current Unit
Created from
709 Communication Regiment

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