38 Signal Regiment

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38 Signal Regiment
Unit crest 38 Signal Regiment.jpg
Founded 2011
Nickname 38 Sig Regt

38 Signals Regiment, a communications unit of the Canadian Army Reserves, was authorized by Ministerial Order dated 26 July 2011[1], the result of amalgamating 734 Communication Squadron, 735 Communication Regiment, 736 Communication Squadron and 737 Communication Squadron. In 2012, again by Ministerial Order[2], the unit name was corrected to 38 Signal Regiment, the correct styling of the unit name (Signal vs Signals).

38 Signal Regiment supports 38 Canadian Brigade Group. Headquartered in Winnipeg Manitoba, 38 Signal Regiment has four squadrons:

1 Signal Squadron – Winnipeg, MB
2 Signal Squadron – Regina, SK
3 Signal Squadron – Thunder Bay, ON
4 Signal Squadron – Saskatoon, SK

On May 23, 2020, 38 Canadian Brigade Group Commander Colonel Gwen Bourque served as a reviewing officer from all the way in Saskatchewan as Lieutenant-Colonel Jackie Janzen handed over command of 38 Signal Regiment to newly promoted Lieutenant-Colonel Evelyn Kotzer. The virtual ceremony was held at Minto Armoury with the incoming commander's family in attendance.

Commanding Officers

LCol J.L. (Jackie) Janzen, unknown - 23 May 2020
LCol E.A.M. (Evelyn) Kotzer, 23 May 2020 - present

Regimental Sergeants Major

CWO J.D. (Joel) Alo, unknown - 28 November 2020
CWO R.K. (Keith) Henry, 28 November 2020 - present


Unit lineage
Created from
734 Communication Squadron
38 Signal Regiment Succeeded by
Current Unit
Created from
735 Communication Regiment
Created from
736 Communication Squadron
Created from
737 Communication Squadron

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