4th Divisional Signals

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4th Divisional Signals
Active 1929 – 1946
Garrison/HQ Montreal, Quebec

// Summary and History Section //

During the Second World War the unit was named 4th (Reserve) Divisional Signals in order not to confuse it with the 4th Divisional Signals unit serving in the European Theatre.

Commanding Officers

Lt-Col R.D. Hunt, 1929 to 1931
Lt-Col C.H. MacDonald, MM, 1932 to 1936
Lt-Col P.F. Seymour, ED, 1936 to 1940
Lt-Col M.G. Evans, MM, ED, 1940 to 1945
Lt-Col W.E. Baker, 1945 to 1946

Regimental Sergeants Major

not known


Unit lineage
Created from
4th Signal Battalion
4th Divisional Signals
1930 - 1946
Succeeded by
4 Infantry Division Signal Regiment

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