6th Canadian Divisional Signal Company

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6th Canadian Divisional Signal Company
Active August 1918 – June 1919

The 6th Canadian Divisional Signal Company was raised for service with the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force (C.S.E.F.), a Canadian military force sent to Vladivostok, Russia, during the Russian Revolution to bolster the allied presence, oppose the Bolshevik revolution and attempt to keep Russia in the fight against Germany.

The unit was organized at the Engineers Training Depot, St-Jean Quebec Canada in August 1918 under the command of Major W. McIntosh[1] but moved in September to Rockcliffe in Ottawa where they were joined by members of the then closed Ottawa Signal Depot. The other officers in the unit were Capt A.B. Fennell, MC, and Capt T.C. McGill who had been sent back from France for the unit as well as five other officers, all without overseas experience, Lts Bell, Byam, Fleming, Prickett, and Thom.[2]

An advance party consisting of Capt McGill and 23 signallers sailed from Vancouver on 11 October 1918 and arrived at Vladivostok on the 26th. Lt Thom and the 23 Signallers of the 16 CIB Signal Section arrived on 15 January 1919 and were joined on 27 February by Maj McIntosh and the remainder of 6 Div Sigs, 6 officers and 152 men. Members of the unit departed for Canada on 21 April and 19 May 1919 and had returned to Vancouver in June.[2] The unit was disbanded by General Order 215 of 15 November 1920.[1]

Commanding Officers

Major W. McIntosh, August 1918 to 15 November 1920

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