748 (Nanaimo) Communication Squadron

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748 Communication Squadron
Unit crest 748 Communication Squadron.jpg
Active 1994 – 2011
Garrison/HQ Nanaimo British Columbia
Nickname 748 Comm Sqn
Motto TEYMUT (Coast Salish for "Being heard at great distance")

In July 1994 748 Communication Troop was redesignated 748 Communication Squadron.

On Saturday, 15 May 1999, the British Columbia Communication Regiment was formed with its HQ in Victoria. This new regiment incorporated 741 (Victoria) Communication Squadron, 744 (Vancouver) Communication Regiment and 748 (Nanaimo) Communication Squadron.

On 1 July 2003 748 (Nanaimo) Communication Squadron regained its unit status and is no longer a sub-unit of BC Communication Regiment.

748 Communication Squadron was absorbed by 39 Signals Regiment by Ministerial Order dated 26 July 2011[1]

Commanding Officers of 748 (NANAIMO) Communication Squadron

Capt. M.A. Pletsch July 1994 - June 1996
Maj. J.W. Davidge July 1994 - May 1999
Capt. U. Lal May 1999 - May 1999

Officers Commanding of 748 (NANAIMO) Communication Squadron, British Columbia Communication Regiment

Capt. U. Lal May 1999 -
Unit lineage
Preceded by
748 Communication Troop
748 (Nanaimo) Communication Squadron Succeeded by
39 Signal Regiment

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  1. Ministerial Organization Order 2011058, 26 July 2011.