Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

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Adegem Canadian War Cemetery
Cemetery Adegem.jpg
Country: Belgium
Coordinates: 51°12′10.1″N 3°30′19.6″E / 51.202806, 3.505444
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Number of gravesites: 1,119
Website: Adegem Canadian War Cemetery

The Adegem Canadian War Cemetery is a cemetery in Belgium containing the graves of Canadians killed during the clearance of the south bank of the Scheldt during the Second World War.


In the last week of September 1944, the Allies held the city of Antwerp, but the Germans held both shores of the Scheldt estuary, so that the port of Antwerp could not be used. The task of clearing the southern shore of the estuary was allotted to the 3rd Canadian Division, aided by the 4th Canadian Armoured Division and the 52nd Division. Their operations lasted from October until the beginning of November 1944. By 3rd November the Germans had been cleared from the north-west corner of Belgium and the south shore of the Scheldt was free. There had been fierce fighting for two weeks for the crossing of the Leopold Canal. The majority of the men buried at Adegem died during the operations for the clearance of the south bank of the Scheldt; but many Canadians who lost their lives elsewhere in Belgium were also brought here for burial. There are 848 Canadians buried here.


Adegem Canadian War Cemetery is located midway between Brugge (17 km) and Gent (26 km) on the N9 which connects the two towns. From Brugge, Adegem is approached via Sijsele and Maldegem. On reaching Adegem the cemetery is located on the Prins Boudewijnlaan, on the right hand side of the N9.

"We Rest Here"

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Cocrhane, Leo John grave marker.jpg
F2832 Sigmn LJ Cocrhane X. F. 7.
Halbot, Augustine Edward grave marker.jpg
B31654 Sigmn AE Halbot XI. C. 10.
Maxwell, Thomas Nevin grave marker.jpg
K76551 Sigmn TN Maxwell XI. D. 8.
McCartney, Angus Irvine grave marker.jpg
M67395 Sigmn AI McCartney X. E. 4.
Medhurst, Neil Douglas grave marker.jpg
- Lt ND Medhurst VII. D. 6.
Reid, Frederick James grave marker.jpg
B114162 Sigmn FJ Reid V. F. 8.

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