Amplifier C Mk IV

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Amplifier C Mk IV
Amplifier C Mk IV.jpg
Production history
Introduced 1918
Weight 12 lb 12 oz
Length 9 1/2"
Width 6 3/4"
Height 9 1/2"

The Amplifier C Mk IV is a general purpose audio amplifier, audio amplification of earth current signals and detector-amplifier for receivers and tuners. The Amplifier C Mk IV combined the functions of C Mk III and A Mk IV fitted in a case similar to C Mk III.[1]

It was noted to be used with:

Tuner Short Wave Mk III
Receiver Mk IV
Wireless Telegraph Set Field 60 watt CW
Wireless Telegraph Set Field 120 watt CW
Wireless Telegraph Set Field 500 watt CW

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