Antwerp Schoonselhof Military Cemetery

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Antwerp Schoonselhof Military Cemetery
Cemetery Antwerp Schoonselhof.jpg
Country: Belgium
Location: Antwerp
Coordinates: 51°09′58″N 4°22′01″E / 51.16611, 4.36694
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Number of gravesites: 1526
Website: Schoonselhof Cemetery

The Antwerp Schoonselhof Military Cemetery is contained within the Schoonselhof Cemetery in Antwerp Belgium. The Canadians buried here died during the Second World War in the late 1944, early 1945 period.


Schoonselhof Cemetery contains 101 Commonwealth burials of the First World War, some of which were brought in from other burial grounds in the area after the Armistice. Second World War burials number 1,456. The Commonwealth plot also contains 16 non-war burials, most of them Merchant seamen whose deaths were not due to war service, and 16 Polish and one French war grave.


Antwerp lies 57 Km north of Brussels on the E19 and 59 km north east of Gent on the E17 motorway. The cemetery itself is located in Wilrijk, a suburb of Antwerp. From the Bistplein in front of the railway station in Wilrijk follow the Kleinsteenweg for 300 m until you arrive at the ring road. Turn right and follow the ring road for 100 M to the first set of traffic lights and turn left. Go under the flyover and continue straight on over the dual carriageway into Jules Moretus Lei. Follow this street for 1 kilometre and the entrance to the Municipal Cemetery is on your left. After entering the cemetery follow the Commission signs to the three Commission plots at the far end of the cemetery. Alternatively ask for their location at the office within the cemetery.

"We Rest Here"

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Allen, Leo Joseph Francis grave marker.jpg
C11873 Sigmn LJ Allen III. L. 13.
Ayles, Robert Allen grave marker.jpg
G53550 Sigmn RA Ayles I. C. 28.
Black, Alvin Howard grave marker.jpg
L65402 Sigmn AH Black I. E. 6.
Bray, Robert Joseph grave marker.jpg
D157564 LCpl RJI Bray V. B. 29.
Burns, Owen Keith grave marker.jpg
L64406 Sigmn OK Burns V. B. 106.
Dalphond, Joseph Marcel Richmond grave marker.jpg
P1113 LCpl JMR Dalphond I. C. 13.
Dover, Leslie Gilbert grave marker.jpg
C75676 Sigmn LG Dover I. C. 6
Fair, Arthur Charles grave marker.jpg
G16576 Sigmn AC Fair V. D. 63.
Knowlson, William Cavan grave marker.jpg
- Lt WC Knowlson I. C. 19.
Laidlaw, Ernest Albert Boyce grave marker.jpg
C101181 Sigmn EAB Laidlaw III. C. 14.
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D137298 Cpl RJ Leduc V. B. 6.
Mucha, William grave marker.jpg
L64908 Sigmn W Mucha III. F. 13.
Ouellet, Paul Damance grave marker.jpg
H101831 Sigmn PD Ouellet V. D. 12.
Pelletier, Archie grave marker.jpg
B135139 Sigmn A Pelletier V. C. 72.
Seery, George grave marker.jpg
D135240 Sigmn G Seery V. B. 5.
Smith, James William grave marker.jpg
A3526 Sigmn JW Smith I. C. 5.
Soucy, Raoul Ernest grave marker.jpg
G22542 Sigmn RE Soucy V. B. 27.
Thompson, Wilfred George grave marker.jpg
M26507 Sigmn WG Thompson IV. B. 16.
Wilson, Jack Cook grave marker.jpg
B39296 Sigmn JC Wilson III. F. 19.
Young, Harold George grave marker.jpg
L74837 Sigmn HG Young I. C. 7.

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