Armoured Command Vehicle 4x4 High Power

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Armoured Command Vehicle 4x4 High Power
Armoured Command Vehicle High Power front left.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer Associated Equipment Co.
Produced 1941 -
NumberĀ built 400+ (HP and LP)
Length 266"
Width 93"
Height 114"
Wheelbase 151"

The Armoured Command Vehicle 4x4 High Power was a vehicle manufactured by Associated Equipment Company. Used by RC Sigs at Armoured Divisional Headquarters as a high power wireless control terminal for communication between main and rear corps and between man and rear div. Also served as office for members of the divisional staff.

The vehicle was built starting in 1941 and was based on the AEC O853 "Matador" Truck Chassis. Produced in both High Power (HP) and Low Power (LP) variants, they differed only in the radio and communications equipment they were fitted with.

The HP vehicle equipment was a wireless set No. 53 transmitter, a R107 receiver, a No. 19 set with amplifier, remote control unit, generator batteries. The body came in two styles, one consisting of a single compartment and a second featuring two compartments, the forward one with seats, mapboard and headphones for staff officers, the rear one for wireless operators.

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