Bayeux War Cemetery

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Bayeux War Cemetery
Cemetery Bayeux.jpg
Year established: 1944
Country: France
Location: Bayeux, Calvados
Coordinates: 49°16′25″N 00°42′52″W / 49.27361, -0.71444
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Number of gravesites: 4,648
Number of unknowns: 1
Website: Bayeux War Cemetery

The Bayeux War Cemetery is the largest Second World War cemetery of Commonwealth soldiers in France, located in Bayeux, Normandy.[1][2] The cemetery contains 4,648 burials, mostly of the Invasion of Normandy. Opposite this cemetery stands the Bayeux Memorial which commemorates more than 1,800 casualties of the Commonwealth forces who died in Normandy and have no known grave.[3]

The cemetery grounds were assigned to the United Kingdom in perpetuity by France in recognition of the sacrifices made by the British Empire in the defence and liberation of France during the war. In addition to the Commonwealth burials, there are 366 graves of German soldiers.


The CWGC is responsible for marking and maintaining the graves of those members of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars. Of the 18 Commonwealth cemeteries in Normandy containing 22,000 casualties of the invasion, Bayeux is largest. [3]

Although there was not a particular battle fought in Bayeux itself, casualties were brought to this cemetery from around the region. This includes field hospitals and soldiers who died on Sword Beach.

The Bayeux Memorial was erected in white stone facing the cemetery. The Latin epitaph along the frieze of the memorial is reference to William the Conqueror and the Invasion of England in 1066. The translation reads: “We, once conquered by William, have now set free the Conqueror’s native land.” On this memorial are engraved the names of the 1,808 men of the Commonwealth who died in the Battle of Normandy and who have no known grave.


The cemetery is located in Bayeux, in the Calvados commune of France, on the Bayeux-Falaise road (D.6). It is located 24 kilometres north-west of Caen and 13 kilometres south of Arromanches-les-Bains. The cemetery can be accessed any time, and tours of the cemetery are available through companies offering tours of historic Invasion of Normandy locations in the area. The cemetery is easy to find, and plenty of parking is available.

"We Rest Here"

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Butcher, John Cullen grave marker.jpg
A67998 LCpl J.C. Butcher IV.A.17.
Crotin, Arthur grave marker.jpg
B132344 Sigmn A. Crotin IV.F.22.
Hobson, Guy grave marker.jpg
Lt G. Hobson IV. B. 18.
Lawrie, James Anderson grave marker.jpg
B32729 Sigmn J.A. Lawrie IV. D. 3.
Matheson, Gerard Hanley grave marker.jpg
F66354 Sigmn G.H. Matheson IV. D. 1.
Philp, David Martin grave marker.jpg
Lt D.M. Philp IV. E. 5.
Rickard, Barton Allison grave marker.jpg
G3983 Sigmn B.A. Rickard IV. B. 24.
Tree, Henry Mark grave marker.jpg
B31816 Sigmn H.M. Tree IV. A. 18.
Watson, Wallace grave marker.jpg
G224435 Sigmn W. Watson IV. B. 21.
Wiggins, Robert grave marker.jpg
B84573 Sigmn R. Wiggins IV. B. 22.

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are commemorated here.

Engraved Name Service Number Rank and Name Inscription Location
Beauregard, Alcide grave marker.jpg
Lt A. Beauregard Panel 27 Column 3
Burkett, Ronald grave marker.jpg
M101928 Sigmn R. Burkett Panel 21, Column 2.
Cole, Wilfred Laurence grave marker.jpg
K66278 LCpl W.L. Cole Panel 21, Column 2.
Farrell, Howard Keith grave marker.jpg
M26514 Sigmn H.K. Farrell Panel 21, Column 2.
Hauk, Norman Archibald grave marker.jpg
L27470 Cpl N.A. Hauk Panel 21, Column 2.
Larocque, Sidney Patrick grave marker.jpg
C36071 Sigmn S.P. Larocque Panel 21, Column 2.
McDonald, James Neil grave marker.jpg
M10152 Cpl J.N. McDonald Panel 21, Column 2.
Mitchell, Milford Harold grave marker.jpg
B62750 Cpl M.H. Mitchell Panel 21, Column 2.
Peters, Elzear A. grave marker.jpg
F26415 LCpl E.A. Peters Panel 21, Column 2.

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