Bedford QLT Terminal Equipment Vehicle (Corps)

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Bedford QLT Terminal Equipment Vehicle (Corps)
Bedford QLT TEV left rear.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer Bedford

The Bedford QLT Technical Equipment Vehicle (Corps), also known as a TEV (Corps), was a 3 ton military vehicle manufactured in the Second World War. Bedford produced a series of versions, some of which Canada used, perhaps due to shortages of the Canadian Military Pattern versions of Signals vehicles.

The TEV version of the vehicle was a modified 3-ton 4x4 QLT troop carrying lorry. For the TEV, the sides of the lorry were built up and fitted with a roof to form a box-body. The existing doors at the front of the vehicle on the near and off sides were retained and were built up to the height of the box body. A door was fitted at the rear and windows were built in at the sides.[1]

There were different variations and configurations for a TEV depending on what level of formation was being supported. Initially the Division and Corps TEVs were the same configuration but, due to the increasing scales of carrier and VF equipment at Corps, the vehicles at Corps had to be modified by the units. In order to standardize equipment and ensure a ready supply of properly configured replacement vehicles for battle losses, a standardized design was developed. The interior of the vehicle was divided into two compartments. The front compartment was were the switchboard operators and telephone supervisor worked while the rear compartment was for equipment operation and a test patch panel.[1]

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