Lamp Signalling B

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Lamp Signalling B
Lamp signalling b.jpg
Also known as a "Begbie Lamp"
Lamp signalling b 1.jpg
Lamp signalling b 2.jpg

Lamp Signalling "B", also called a Begbie Lamp, were used from about 1885 until the First World War. It was used to signal at night by means of a kerosene oil lamp, a set of shutters and a focusing lens. The operator used the lamp to send morse code to a distant station using the plunger located on the top to activate the shutters. It could be used on its own or in conjunction with a tripod signalling as shown. The lamp was carried in a wooden box along with a metal container for kerosene and a wooden box to hold spare glass globes and spare wicks. The artifact pictured here was manufactured in 1913 for the Reform Lighting Company, London but appears to have been made in Berlin. It is also marked with the C Broad Arrow Ordenance mark and the serial number 8329.

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