Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery

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Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery
Cemetery Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian.jpg
Country: Netherlands
Location: Bergen-op-Zoom
Coordinates: 51°30′9″N 4°19′48″E / 51.5025, 4.33
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Number of gravesites: 1118
Website: Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery

The Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery is a cemetery containing predominantly Canadian soldiers killed in the fighting north of Antwerp during the Battle of the Scheldt.


Bergen-op-Zoom is a town in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, 40 kilometres north-west of Antwerp (Belgium). Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery and Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery are almost next to one another, 3 kilometres east of the town centre, on a road named Ruytershoveweg, which runs parallel with the A58 Bergen-op-Zoom to Roosendaal motorway. The cemeteries can be reached from the motorway by taking the Bergen-op-Zoom exit, which leads on to Rooseveltlaan. At the first crossroads the cemeteries are signposted to the right. There is a further signposted right turn after 1 kilometre, and the cemeteries are 1.5 kilometres along this road on the left-hand side.

"We Rest Here"

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Armitage, Norman grave marker.jpg
D24092 Cpl N Armitage 7. C. 11.
Bentley, Philip Andrew grave marker.jpg
L58727 Cpl PA Bentley 9. E. 6.
Black, Edgar Beatty grave marker.jpg
D141277 Sigmn EB Black 8. B. 3.
Brown, Gordon Allan grave marker 2.jpg
B148460 Sigmn GA Brown 1. A. 3.
Clapperton, Russell Haigh grave marker.jpg
K42470 Sgt RH Clapperton 5. G. 3.
Croshaw, Frank Charles grave marker.jpg
A102126 Sigmn FC Croshaw 10. E. 9.
Fraser, Joseph Henry grave marker.jpg
B67432 Sigmn JH Fraser 8. D. 4.
Goodyer, Robert Henry grave marker.jpg
D116325 LCpl RH Goodyer 5. C. 7.
Greentree, Reginald grave marker.jpg
B38800 Sigmn R Greentree 5. G. 5
Heffernan, Austin Michael grave marker.jpg
- Lt AM Heffernan 7. B. 1.
Jones, Chancey Alva grave marker.jpg
A103887 LCpl CA Jones 5. G. 1.
Kilgour, Gordon Cardno grave marker.jpg
A2481 Sigmn GC Kilgour 5. G. 7.
Leblanc, Eugene Wilfred grave marker.jpg
H8714 Sigmn EW Leblanc 8. B. 8.
Newman, Murray Foster grave marker.jpg
A116576 Sigmn MF Newman 5. G. 2.
Reason, James Gilbert grave marker.jpg
B38730 Sigmn JG Reason 5. G. 4.
Scharfe, Pitman Elwood grave marker.jpg
- Lt PE Scharfe 7. B. 11.
Smith, Thomas Turner grave marker.jpg
A2464 Sigmn TT Smith 5. F. 9.
Steeds, John Harold Francis grave marker.jpg
H19521 LCpl JHF Steeds 10. A. 1.
Vertente, Hector grave marker.jpg
A2383 Sigmn H Vertente 5. H. 3.
Waites, John Patrick Kenneth grave marker.jpg
B145193 Sigmn JPK Waites 8. F. 9.
Wallace, Donald B. grave marker.jpg
M9059 Sigmn DB Wallace 12. A. 7.
Webber, Hugh Verdun grave marker.jpg
B132375 Sigmn JA Webber 7. C. 8.
Wilson, Alfred J. grave marker.jpg
B32649 Sigmn AJ Wilson 8. B. 5.
Yates, James William grave marker.jpg
F32205 Sigmn JW Yates 5. F. 12.

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