Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery

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Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery
Cemetery Bretteville sur Laize.jpg
Country: France
Location: Bretteville-sur-Laize
Coordinates: 49°3′37″N 0°17′34″W / 49.06028, -0.29278
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Website: Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery

The Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery is a Cemetery containing predominantly Canadian soldiers killed during the later stages of the Battle of Normandy in the Second World War. The Cemetery is located in and named after Bretteville-sur-Laize in the Calvados department, near Caen and Falaise in lower Normandy.[1]


Bretteville-sur-Laize was created as a permanent resting place for Canadian soldiers who had been temporarily interred in smaller plots close to where they fell. At the time of the cemetery's creation, France granted Canada a perpetual concession to the land occupied by the cemetery. The graves contain 2793 soldiers from the 2nd Canadian Corps, 91 of them unknown, and 79 RCAF airmen killed in the Battle of Normandy.

A large number of dead in the cemetery were killed in the battle for the Falaise Pocket in August 1944. Canadians killed earlier in the Battle of Normandy were interred in the nearby Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery.


The cemetery is located on the road between Caen and Falaise, about 14 km from Caen, in the comune of Cintheaux.

"We Rest Here"

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Albrecht, Oscar grave marker.jpg
L64955 Sigmn O Albrecht XIV. F. 14.
Black, Donald Henry grave marker.jpg
M100107 Cpl DH Black XIX. H. 16.
Brown, Angus George Steel grave marker.jpg
- Lt AGS Brown X. B. 3.
Bulachowski, Michael grave marker.jpg
H100509 Sigmn M Bulachowski XI. H. 12.
Burgett, George Alfred grave marker.jpg
M67574 Sigmn GA Burgett IX. D. 1.
Carter, George John grave marker.jpg
B33251 Sigmn GJ Carter V. D. 5.
Clark, Richard Jaffray grave marker.jpg
B31967 Sigmn RJ Clark X. B. 5.
Curtis, Roley Carl grave marker.jpg
K100231 Sigmn RC Curtis XV. G. 6.
Fisher, Percy Keith grave marker.jpg
L2750 Sigmn PK Fisher X. G. 6.
Ford, Harry Sylvester grave marker.jpg
F97915 Sigmn HS Ford XV. H. 4.
Forster, Arthur Armstrong grave marker.jpg
B32224 Sigmn AA Forster X. G. 2.
Gadsdon, George grave marker.jpg
B32314 Sigmn G Gadsdon VII. C. 12.
Gaydon, Robert William grave marker.jpg
B42565 Sigmn RW Gaydon VI. H. 1.
Gougeon, Desmond George grave marker.jpg
B64196 Sigmn DG Gougeon XXI. G. 5.
Hemsley, Thomas Benjamin grave marker.jpg
B87188 Sigmn TB Hemsley VII. F. 7.
Herrold, Herbert Joseph grave marker.jpg
B32250 Sigmn HJ Herrold XVI. D. 3.
Jackson, Arthur John grave marker.jpg
D24154 Sigmn AJ Jackson XIV. G. 4.
Jarvis, William Freeman grave marker.jpg
M100678 Sigmn WF Jarvis X. F. 5.
Legg, George Albert grave marker.jpg
B31230 Sigmn GA Legg XV. F. 2.
Little, Douglas Merle grave marker.jpg
L74363 Sigmn DM Little XVII. C. 4.
MacArtney, Arthur Sutherland grave marker.jpg
L26011 Sigmn AS MacArtney II. C. 2.
MacFarlane, Angus grave marker.jpg
D116638 Sigmn A MacFarlane XV. H. 8.
McKay, William James grave marker.jpg
H38607 Sigmn WJ McKay XVII. D. 15.
Patch, Henry John grave marker.jpg
B81153 Sigmn HJ Patch XVIII. H. 1.
Pedlar, Hubert Frederick grave marker.jpg
- Lt HF Pedlar I. E. 3.
Pineau, Francis Edmund grave marker.jpg
F26306 Sgt FE Pineau XV. G. 3.
Ray, William John grave marker.jpg
A2283 LCpl WJ Ray XIV. H. 3.
Simpson, William Lorenzo Noah grave marker.jpg
C10254 Sigmn WLN Simpson XX. A. 9.
Snider, John A. grave marker.jpg
C10021 Cpl JA Snider II. C. 4.
Suffron, Gordon W. grave marker.jpg
H38526 LCpl GW Suffron IV. H. 3.
Zillinsky, Andrew Anthony grave marker.jpg
L22328 Cpl AA Zillinsky II. C. 3.

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