Brookwood Military Cemetery

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Brookwood Military Cemetery
Brookwood military memorial.jpg
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Brookwood, Surrey
Coordinates: 51°17′52″N 0°37′53″W / 51.29778, -0.63139
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Website: Brookwood Military Cemetery

Brookwood Military Cemetery is part of Brookwood Cemetery, a burial ground in Brookwood, Surrey, England. Brookwood Cemetery is the largest cemetery in the United Kingdom and one of the largest in western Europe.[1]


Brookwood Cemetery,also known as the London Necropolis, was established in 1852 to house London's deceased, since the capital was finding it difficult to accommodate its increasing population, both of living and dead. By 1854, Brookwood was the largest cemetery in the world (it is no longer). Over 240,000 people have been buried there.

A military cemetery was added to Brookwood in 1917 and contains some of the dead from World War I and World War II. A military memorial was built in 1958. Memorialised here too is Edward the Martyr[2], King of England, whose relics are kept nearby in St Edward the Martyr Orthodox Church.

Brookwood Military Cemetery covers about 37 acres (150,000 m2) is the largest Commonwealth war cemetery in the United Kingdom.[3] The land was set aside during World War I to provide a burial site for men and women of Commonwealth and American armed forces who died in the United Kingdom of wounds. It now contains 1,601 Commonwealth burials from World War I and 3,476 from World War II. Within this, there is a particularly large Canadian section, which includes 43 men who died of wounds following the Dieppe Raid in August 1942. Two dozen Muslim dead were transferred here in 1968 from the Muslim Burial Ground, Horsell Common. The cemetery also has 786 non-Commonwealth war graves, including 28 unidentified French. It also contains Polish, Czech, Belgian and Italian sections.

The United Kingdom 1914-1918 Memorial stands at the north-eastern end of the 1914-1918 Plot.

The Brookwood Memorial stands at the southern end of the Canadian section of the cemetery and commemorates 3,500 Commonwealth men and women who died during the Second World War and have no known grave. This includes commandos killed in the Dieppe Raid and St Nazaire Raids; and Special Operations Executive personnel who died in occupied Europe.

The nearby Brookwood (Russia) Memorial was erected in 1983 and commemorates forces of the British Commonwealth who died in Russia in World War I and World War II.


Brookwood is 30 miles from London (M3 to Bagshot and then A322). The main entrance to Brookwood Military Cemetery is on the A324 from the village of Pirbright. There is a direct train service from Waterloo to Brookwood Station from which there is an entrance to the cemetery.

"We Rest Here"

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Allan, Benjamin Gilbert grave marker.jpg
D116232 Sigmn BG Allen 45. J. 7.
Aspholm, Reuben Lee grave marker.jpg
H38928 Sigmn RL Aspholm 56. I. 2.
Baxter, Julius William grave marker.jpg
C64540 Sigmn JW Baxter 44. G. 9.
D24005 Sigmn WJO Bennett 3. O. 5.
Bergeron, Joseph Edmond grave marker.jpg
E28525 Sigmn JE Bergeron 33. A. 3.
Blackall, Arthur Kitchener grave marker.jpg
G20042 Sigmn AK Blackall 33. H. 10.
Booton, John grave marker.jpg
D24064 Sigmn J Booton 3. Q. 4.
Boulter, Austin H. grave marker.jpg
G18462 Sigmn AH Boulter 39. E. 3.
Boyer, Keith Sinclair grave marker.jpg
B32072 LSgt KS Boyer 47. F. 3.
Brazier, Ernest grave marker.jpg
D24040 Sigmn E Brazier 43. J. 1.
Brown, Charles Edward grave marker.jpg
B34639 Sigmn CE Brown 32. H. 2.
Brown, John Daniels grave marker.jpg
B32851 Sigmn JD Brown 45. B. 3.
Butcher, George grave marker.jpg
B32212 Sigmn G Butcher 47. C. 3.
Calder, Malcolm John grave marker.jpg
M9040 Sigmn MJ Calder 45. E. 9.
Cameron, Lloyd William grave marker.jpg
L22762 Sigmn LW Cameron 40. J. 10.
Carrier, William George grave marker.jpg
B31033 Sigmn WG Carrier 38. E. 18.
Cobley, James Owen grave marker.jpg
B31106 Sigmn JO Cobley 52. D. 9.
Coleman, James T. grave marker.jpg
B33193 Sigmn JT Coleman 3. P. 1B.
Conway, William McCurdy grave marker.jpg
B32375 WO II (RQMS) WM Conway 54. G. 5.
Coysh, William Henry grave marker.jpg
D116631 Sigmn WH Coysh 56. G. 9.
Crandell, Augustus Herbert Leroy grave marker.jpg
H68915 Sigmn AHL Crandell 40. J. 8.
Curran, William Frederick grave marker.jpg
F5218 Sigmn WF Curran 49. H. 2.
Davidson, Gerald Douglas grave marker.jpg
D2 LCpl GD Davidson 31. E. 4.
Derry, William Alfred grave marker.jpg
B31304 Sigmn WA Derry 30. E. 4.
B33272 Sigmn JD Doherty 3. D. 1.
Doran, Thomas Edward grave marker.jpg
B76845 Sigmn TE Doran 31. D. 9.
Drever, Leonard Eugene grave marker.jpg
M41937 Sigmn LE Drever 36. J. 7.
Dunn, Charles James grave marker.jpg
D95705 Sigmn CJ Dunn 48. D. 1.
Dupuis, Keith Rene George grave marker.jpg
C100672 Sigmn KRG Dupuis 44. E. 9.
Fanner, John Hargrave grave marker.jpg
B31298 Sigmn JH Fanner 36. A. 7.
Ferguson, Ian Hamilton grave marker.jpg
D21214 Sigmn IH Ferguson 31. B. 8.
Forster, Thomas Elmo grave marker.jpg
H38362 Sgt TE Forster 32. E. 2.
Fraser, Fred Poyner grave marker.jpg
P40065 Sgt FP Fraser 36. H. 6.
Freeland, Roy Henry grave marker.jpg
H3860 LCpl RH Freeland 39. C. 7.
Gain, Ward Robert grave marker.jpg
C30094 Sigmn SR Gain 56. D. 7.
Gendron, Melville Joseph grave marker.jpg
B31264 Sigmn MJ Gendron 50. I. 7.
Glaser, Patrick Lawrence grave marker.jpg
M41827 Sigmn PL Glaser 31. A. 1.
Goodall, Fred Eric grave marker.jpg
B110876 Sigmn FE Goodall 40. J. 7.
Haeberle, William grave marker.jpg
A33058 Sigmn W Haeberle 47. A. 2
Hamilton, James Templeton grave marker.jpg
B33031 Sigmn JT Hamilton 30. H. 9.
Hansler, Cecil Frederick grave marker.jpg
B32665 Sigmn CF Hansler 34. G. 5.
Hopkins, Harold Richard grave marker.jpg
B34616 LCpl HR Hopkins 45. H. 6.
Huke, William Reginald Arthur grave marker.jpg
B32018 Sgt WRA Huke 33. J. L.
Hunter, Arthur Russel grave marker.jpg
B32623 Sigmn AR Hunter 62. A. 2.
Ironside, Arthur Findlay grave marker.jpg
B76879 Sigmn AF Ironside 40. J. 6.
B31126 Sigmn WM Johnston 30. A. 5.
Kauffman, Otto Richard grave marker.jpg
D21471 Cpl OR Kauffman 44. H. 4.
Lewis, Samuel Gordon grave marker.jpg
C3106 Sigmn SG Lewis 30. B. 8.
MacInnis, John Daniel grave marker.jpg
F26392 Sigmn JD MacInnis 36. H. 8.
MacPherson, Willis Edwin grave marker.jpg
U1585 Sigmn WE MacPherson 40. H. 3.
Malboeuf, Maurice Joseph grave marker.jpg
B53874 Sigmn MJ Malboeuf 45. F. 7.
Mallindine, George Russell grave marker.jpg
H3885 Sigmn GR Mallindine 49. I. 8.
Marquardt, Edward Gustave grave marker.jpg
M105443 Sigmn EG Marquardt 43. A. 5.
Mauza, Anthony grave marker.jpg
M9051 Sigmn A Mauza 37. C. 10.
McTaggart, Wesley Arcles grave marker.jpg
P39943 WOII WA McTaggart 50. A. 6.
Meyers, Alfred Phillip grave marker.jpg
H17601 Sigmn AP Meyers 55. G. 4.
Milks, Ira Leslie grave marker.jpg
C100285 Sigmn IL Milks 58. A. 8.
SC91627 Sgt BW Moffett Canadian Annexe, Row B, Grave 3.
Naunton, Terence Edward grave marker.jpg
K92392 Sigmn TE Naunton 49. H. L.
O'Neill, Talbot Francis Papineau grave marker.jpg
C3561 Sigmn TFP O'Neill 3. P. 4.
Penhale, Grant Russel grave marker.jpg
B32958 LCpl GR Penhale 45. H. 5.
Regan, Ronald Meehan grave marker.jpg
C64468 Cpl RM Regan 32. F. 5.
Robinson, Francis Arthur grave marker.jpg
D24232 Sigmn FA Robinson 32. D. 9.
Robison, Lloyd grave marker.jpg
C36069 Sigmn L Robison 34. A. 4.
Rumpel, Reinhold Philip grave marker.jpg
L100111 Sigmn RP Rumpel 39. A. 4.
Slack, Ellas A. grave marker.jpg
F65620 Sigmn EA Slack 44. B. 7.
Slonetsky, Severyn Zenon grave marker.jpg
- Lt SZ Slonetsky 48. I. 2.
Smith, Harold Benjamin grave marker.jpg
M102615 Sigmn HB Smith 44. A. 9.
Smith, John David grave marker.jpg
L101149 Sigmn JD Smith 62. A. 3.
Stafford, William Thomas grave marker.jpg
B32959 LCpl WT Stafford 31. D. 7.
Sturm, Issie grave marker.jpg
D127749 Sigmn I Sturm 49. C. 5.
Tighe, Scarp Frederickson grave marker.jpg
A68220 Sigmn SF Tighe 61. D. 3.
Truax, Clifford Walter grave marker.jpg
B84683 Sigmn CW Truax 40. J. 9.
Trudel, John Phillip Peter grave marker.jpg
C33219 Sigmn JPP Trudel 62. B. 6.
Waddell, Leonard George grave marker.jpg
- Capt LG Waddell 54. G. 6.
Walters, Clare Victor grave marker.jpg
B31021 LCpl CV Walters 39. F. 1.
Weatherup, Arthur Douglas grave marker.jpg
B31266 Sigmn AD Weatherup 31. J. 1.
B39209 Sigmn G Whitcombe 47. B. 2.
Whyte, Robert Lyons grave marker.jpg
C3107 Sigmn RL Whyte 3. D. 1.
Wintle, Chester George grave marker.jpg
E28537 Sigmn CG Wintle 32. H. 6.

The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are commemorated here.

Engraved Name Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
L26023 Sigmn AK Adams Panel 23. Column 3.
- Lt R Byerly Panel 23. Column 3.
D24230 Sigmn GE Hilt Panel 23. Column 3
P40277 Sigmn KL Marsh Panel 23. Column 3.
B31016 L/Sgt RCS Upton Panel 23. Column 3.

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