C15TA Armoured Truck

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C15TA Armoured Truck
C15TA Armoured Truck front left.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors Canada
Produced 1943 - 1945
Number built 3,961
Length 187"
Width 92"
Height 91"
Wheelbase 101"
The C15TA Armoured Truck was a vehicle manufactured by General Motors Canada. Used as an armoured personnel carrier in forward areas. There were also ambulance versions (C15TAA).

Developed along the lines of the American M3 Scout Car, the vehicle used the chassis of the Chevrolet C15 Canadian Military Pattern truck design. The armoured hulls were supplied by the Hamilton Bridge Company and built in Oshawa Canada.[1] The vehicles featured an open type hull with machinable BP armour covering engine hood and body. It had a removable superstructure and tarpaulin and seating for six passangers. There were rear and side doors as well as vision ports for the driver and co-driver.

While used by units of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, it doesn't appear that these were converted to be a principle radio vehicle. The War Diary of "L" Section, 2nd Canadian Divisional Signals records receiving "new 15 Cwt Armoured Cars" in November 1944 and that the one for HQ was to be used as the Brigade Rover.[2]

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