CMP Lorry 3 Ton Terminal Equipment Vehicle (Div)

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Lorry 3 Ton Terminal Equipment Vehicle (Div)
CMP 3 Ton TEV (Div) left side.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 248"
Width 90"
Height 110"

Wheelbase 158"
Engine petrol, 4 cyc, 6 cyls in line
85 bhp at (rpm) 3400
Fuel capacity 25 Gals
Speed 44 mph

The Lorry 3 Ton Terminal Equipment Vehicle (TEV) was a 60-cwt Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck built during the Second World War. Used by RC Sigs units servicing formations from Division to Army size, the TEVs shared a common vehicle platform but the design and equipping of the TEVs serving Divisions, Corps and Army levels differed.

The TEV (Div) was the simplest of the TEV designs in terms of equipment and was used principally at Division level but was also utilized at various Signal Section sized elements at higher level formations.

The interior of the vehicle body was divided into a front and a rear compartment by a partition fitted with a sliding door. The front compartment was fitted with a Switchboard F&F and seats for two operators as well as a telephone supervisor or messenger. The rear compartment was fitted with a table on each side along with a folding flap that connected the two table thus forming a single, large table across the middle of the compartment. The table was equipped with Fullerphones and Telephones F.[1]

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