CMP Lorry 3 Ton Wireless R or I

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Lorry 3 Ton Wireless "R" or "I"
CMP 3 Ton Wireless left front.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 248"
Width 90"
Height 110"

Wheelbase 158"
Engine petrol, 4 cyc, 6 cyls in line
85 bhp at (rpm) 3400
Fuel capacity 25 Gals
Speed 44 mph

The Lorry 3 Ton Wireless "R" or "I" was a 60-cwt Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck built during the Second World War. Used by RC Sigs at Special Wireless Sections as well as Signal Sections from Division to Army Headquarters. The Wireless "R" and Wireless "I" vehicles were very similar and only physically differed in that the "I" was simply an "R" with certain items of interior furniture deleted. They were managed as one vehicle in order to simplify supply and replacement but their roles were different.

Wireless "R" - This vehicle was designed for the carriage and operation of six radio receivers. It formed part of the Special Wireless Section whose duty it was to police our own and enemy radio broadcasts. The vehicle also had a frequency meter SCR-211 so that the frequency of any signal received could be measured or to set a receiver to a known frequency. Normally two such vehicles were used together with facilities for relaying information to a central control point.

Wireless "I" - This vehicle was designed for the carriage and operation of four radio receivers and the accommodation for two clerks. The "I" vehicle was used in conjunction with two "R"s in a Special Wireless Section Type "B" or as a Signals Office. It could also be used by higher level headquarters to listen in on forward radio nets as required thus bypassing the delays of normal message relaying.

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