CMP Trailer Generator Wireless 2 kW

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Trailer Generator Wireless 2 kW
CMP Trailer Generator Wireless 2 kW front right.jpg
Length 150"
Width 84"
Height 84"

The Trailer Generator Wireless 2-kW was used by RC Sigs medium wireless sections mainly in Army, Corps and Line of Communication formations to supply electric current for C33 Transmitters in wireless vehicles and to do emergency charging of batteries in adjacent vehicles by interconnection.

Fabricated of a composite superstructure and fitted with a superstructure and tarpaulin, parking jack and tool box. Equipped with an Onan generator, chorehorse unit, transformer and rectifier, cable reel, two signals batteries. Interconnection to wireless vehicle by niphan plugs in the front panel and quad interconnecting cables carried in a box on the side panel.

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