CMP Truck 15-cwt Fitted for Wireless

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Trucks, 15-cwt, Fitted for Wireless
CMP Truck 15 cwt Fitted for Wireless front left.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 171"
Width 88"
Height 97"
Wheelbase 101"

The Truck 15 cwt Fitted for Wireless was a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle manufactured by General Motors. Used for wireless communication with Brigade and Division Headquarters by RCA, RCE, MG Coys, RCEME workshops and other units, being manned by unit signallers, but could be employed wherever a No. 19 set was suitable. Equipment included a No. 19 set, sigs batteries and a Chore Horse for charging them.

The vehicle featured a 2C3 body. Based on the standard 2C1 body, a steel Budd type body with fixed sides and a tailgate hinged at the bottom, it was adapted for the wireless role. Lockers were provided inside the body along each side and a table for wireless was fitted at the front. Three bucket style seats were mounted on the floor of the body and a mounting was provided for the Chore Horse battery charger on the left running board. A special superstructure was provided with clips for three rifles, dome light and two aerial masts. welded, with a hinged tail-gate. It had a special tarpaulin and superstructure with brackets for aerial bases.[1]

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