CMP Truck 15-cwt Cable Layer

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Trucks, 15-cwt, General Service
Line crew 2nd Divisional Signals WW2.jpg
A 15-cwt GS Cable Layer with 2A1 body
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 171"
Width 88"
Height 97"
Wheelbase 101"
The Truck 15 cwt Cable Layer was a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle manufactured by Ford and General Motors. Based on the Truck 15-cwt GS it had seats fitted in each corner, a rack for cable drums fitted at the front. Cable laying equipment was not part of the truck body but was supplied by the unit.

The vehicle was produced in Cab 11, 12 and 13 varieties with body types 2A1 - wood GS, narrow body, curved wheel arches, 2B1 - Steel GS, hinged sides, 2C1 - Steel GS and 2C5 lmg mounts, runflat tires.[1]

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