CMP Truck 15-cwt Wireless

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Trucks, 15-cwt, Wireless
CMP Truck 15 cwt Wireless front left.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 176"
Width 85"
Height 114"
Wheelbase 101"

The Truck 15 cwt Wireless, dubbed the "Gin Palace", was a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle manufactured by General Motors. Used for wireless communication working forward and back by Armoured Regiments, Armoured Reconnaissance Regiments, Brigade Headquarters and other formations wereever a No. 19 set and amplifier was required. Equipment included a No. 19 set with amplifier, sigs batteries and a Chore Horse for charging them.

The vehicle featured two main body types. The 2G1 body was of steel construction with a wood and canvas roof with four static ventilators. There was a rear door with two windows on each side. A generator compartment was located in the rear right corner with ventilation doors on the rear and right hand sides. Four horizontal aerial rods were fitted to the roof and access was via a steel ladder mounted on the left rear of the body. Inside was space for two persons, an operator desk at the front of the body and a writing desk on the left side. Storage batteries were located to either side of the operators table.[1] The 2K1 body was similar but was constructed of aluminum sheets on a steel frame. It had provision for a spare tire mounted in the left forward side of the body. The roof featured aerial support mounts and three ventilators, two static and one powered. A supplied penthouse could be mounted on either the left of right side of the body.[2]

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