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The aim of the C&E Memorials Project is to collect and record pictures and data on all memorials dedicated to C&E personnel and events in a C&E Memorials Registry and make it available to C&E institutions, personnel and the public. Memorials are an important method of honouring aspects of the rich history of the Communications and Electronics Branch and its founding organizations and the project seeks to ensure that information on the memorials is properly captured.

The scope includes all types of memorials such as monuments, plaques, cairns, markers, buildings, streets, windows, equipment, gardens, walkways, gates, etc. Grave markers will not normally be included as they are identified elsewhere.

This work was first initiated in 2003 by the C&E Branch as a Centennial Project. Supported by the Signals Club of Canada over the years, the work was assumed by the C&E Heritage & Museum Committee in July 2015. The work is currently led by Tony Charters ( and Tony Fequet ( with the support of Joe Costello (

View the Register

A list of the memorials captured to date can be found here -> CandE Memorials.


If you have additional information about a memorial already in the register or know of one we've missed, we want to hear from you! Please use our online submission form to provide any information that you feel should be added. -> C&E Memorials Register Submissions