Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston

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Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston
Cataraqui Cemetery.jpg
Year established: 1850
Country: Canada
Location: Kingston Ontario
Coordinates: 44°15′52″N 76°32′28″W / 44.26444, -76.54111
Type: Public
Size: 100 acres (400,000 m2)

The Cataraqui Cemetery, is a cemetery in Kingston Ontario, Canada. It is the city's largest cemetery and holds the distinction of being the burial site of Canada's first prime minister and a Father of Confederation, Sir John A. Macdonald.[1]


Established at the beginning of the nineteenth century as a village burial ground, the Charter of the Cataraqui Cemetery Company was handed down on 10 August, 1850, by the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada.

The cemetery was developed in a rural garden theme, after the pattern of Mount Auburn in Boston and Mount Hope in Rochester, New York. With roadways winding through rolling wooded terrain, ponds and watercourses, this 100 acres (400,000 m2) area is truly a beautiful resting place.

The modern Sir John A. Macdonald Chapel, located beside the office, features a dramatic stained glass window commissioned in 1891 in memory of the man. Installed in a tiny church at Redan, Ontario, north of Brockville, it was donated to the cemetery in 1980 when the chapel was built.


Cataraqui is part of present-day Kingston Ontario. The cemetery is located on the east side of Sydenham Road, just north of Counter Street. Its main entrance is accessible via Purdy's Mill Road but there is also access from Sydenham Road.

"We Rest Here"

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