Challenge coins

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Coin cfsce golfsqn.jpg CFSCE Golf Sqn Coin
Coin 79 Comm Regt.jpg 79 Communication Regiment Coin
Coin 1csr face.jpgCoin 1csr obverse.jpg 1st Canadian Signal Regiment Coin
Coin 770sqn 25anniv face.jpgCoin 770sqn 25anniv obv.jpg 770 Communication Research Squadron 25th Anniversary Coin. This coin is to commemorate the Squadron's 25th Anniversary in 1996.
Coin kmnb qget roto1.jpgCoin kmnb qget roto1 reverse.jpg Op Athena Roto 1 Coin. Operation Athena Rotation 1 Quartier General et Escadron des Transmissions (HQ and Sig Sqn). This unit was based on 5 QGET and it formed the Kabul Multinational Brigade Headquarters and Signal Squadron in Afghanistan in 2004.
Coin 734sqn deployment both.jpg 734 Communication Squadron Deployment Coin. A coin presented to members of 734 Communication Squadron who deploy to an active theatre of operation. The initiative was started by Major Ron Locke, CO of the unit and as of October 2006, 25 coins had been produced for distribution.
Coin jsr both.jpg Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment Coin. A numbered coin for members of the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment. Issued example: Coin CFJSR face.jpgCoin CFJSR reverse.jpg
Coin tfmercury cmdr both.jpg Task Force Mercury Coin. A coin for Task Force Mercury. According to the manufacturer, 264 coins were produced between July and Nov 2006.
Coin lineman silver.jpg Fluke Lineman's Coin. Appears to be a numbered coin sponsored by Fluke for distribution to Linemen. According to the manufacturer, 900 coins were produced.
Coin 737 Communication Squadron face.jpgCoin 737 Communication Squadron obverse.jpg 737 Communication Squadron coin
Coin CFCMU face.jpgCoin CFCMU obverse.jpg Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Unit coin
Coin Canadian Armed Forces J6 (obverse).jpgCoin Canadian Armed Forces J6 (reverse).jpg Canadian Armed Forces J6 coin
Coin 2 CMBG HQ and Sigs (obverse).jpgCoin 2 CMBG HQ and Sigs (reverse).jpg 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron coin
Coin Special Operations Exercise Maple Pentad 2014 (obverse).jpgCoin Special Operations Exercise Maple Pentad 2014 (reverse).jpg Coin for Special Operations Exercise Maple Pentad 2014.
Coin OP ATHENA 2011 MTTF (obverse).jpgCoin OP ATHENA 2011 MTTF (reverse).jpg Coin for the Op Athena Mission Transition Task Force
Coin 33 Signal Regiment 2021 (both).jpg Coin utilized as unit level recognition of outstanding achievements by individuals.