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CFCS/CFCC Command Lists v1.6 30 May 2017 (947k)
As you may know, the C&E Association is working on the development of Command Lists for all C&E units[1]. These Command Lists will record all who served in unit Command Teams (COs and RSMs / SSMs / SWOs), including their names and the years in which they served. The Command List also includes the Honorary Colonels / Honorary Lieutenant Colonels in units with those positions.

The initial objective is to target the Canadian Forces Communication System / Canadian Forces Communication Command (CFCS / CFCC) units by gathering whatever Command List data is available from three time periods

1) the pre-CFCS (before 1965) time frame,
2) the CFCS / CFCC time frame (1965 to 1994) and
3) the post-CFCC time frame from 1994 onwards.

The current status of the effort can be followed in the pdf document linked at the top and bottom of this page. As you can see, we have made progress. Many individuals and units responded with excellent contributions, often collected from "rogues galleries" of photos on mess / hall / conference room walls, unit histories, unit scrapbooks, Internet searches and the memories of individuals. Some data reaches back to the early 1960s while other data reaches as far back as the 1920s.

What has been successful thus far is to ask people to review the most current version of the list and to ask for any data that would fill in blanks or correct errors. This approach has been much more successful than asking people to write down what they know on a blank sheet of paper.

Here is how you could possibly help. Please have a look at the listings for units where you have served. There may be gaps in the data and possibly a few errors. Hopefully some of the sought-after data will be in your memories or personal records. If you have any data that would help to fill in gaps or fix errors, simply send an email with your data. Any and all contributions would be gratefully appreciated. And, if you see data that is complete and accurate, you could let me know that as well.

The CFCS/CFCC effort was launched and continues to be championed by Brigadier-General (Retired) RK (Bob) Martineau, the last Commander of CFCC. Please send your replies to at your earliest convenience. If you have questions, please feel free to email or call at 613.852.4419.


Command Lists File: Adobe Reader XI Icon.png CFCS/CFCC Command Lists.pdf


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