Denain Communal Cemetery

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Denain Communal Cemetery
Cemetery Denain Communal.jpg
Country: France
Location: Nord
Coordinates: 50°20′00″N 3°24′29″E / 50.333333, 3.40806
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Number of gravesites: 294
Website: Denain Communal Cemetery

The Denain Communal Cemetery is a cemetery in the Nord region of France containing the graves of Canadians killed during the Great War.


Denain was a German hospital centre during the greater part of the War; and from the 1st November, 1918, to the 12th March, 1919, the 33rd Casualty Clearing Station was posted in the town.

The Communal Cemetery, was used by the Germans to bury their soldiers and (in 1917 and 1918) 153 British prisoners. A British plot was made at the South-East end, after the capture of the town; and after the Armistice the graves of the prisoners and other British graves were regrouped beside it.

There are now over 300, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, over ten are unidentified and special memorials are erected to four United Kingdom and three Canadian soldiers, buried in the German plots, whose graves could not be found.


Denain is a town in the Department of the Nord, next to Valenciennes on the road and motorway towards Cambrai.

The Communal Cemetery is situated in the north-east corner of the town approximately 1.2 kilometres from the town centre on the D40, following the route to Oisy and the Lycee A Kastler. The Cemetery will be found at the centre of a junction 20 metres from a traffic light controlled crossroads (D40 and D240). The CWGC plot will be found in the centre of the cemetery.

"We Rest Here"

The following Signals related person is buried here.

Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Lawson, Andrew Melbourne grave marker.jpg
784344 Spr A.M. Lawson A. 13.

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