Canadian Efficiency Decoration

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The Canadian Efficiency Decoration, is a military long service medal. Awarded for 20 years of service after 31 December 1931, for members joining on or before 1 September 1939, it was issued to Non-Permanent Active Militia and RCAF Auxiliary and Reserve (until 17 August 1942). The award was issued to commissioned officers. War service counted double for this medal and, if commissioned from the ranks, half of the time spent in the ranks counted towards this medal.

It replaced the Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers' Decoration. It was itself replaced by the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) which was introduced in 1951 for those enrolled after 1 September 1939.[1]


An oval oak wreath in silver, tied with gold, enclosing the Royal Cypher and surmounted by a gold crown.


A bar was awarded for 20 additional years.


The obverse features one of the Royal Cyphers, GRV, GRI, or EIIR.


The reverse is plain for engraving names.


The green ribbon is 38-mm wide, with a 7-mm central yellow stripe.


A ring passes through a small hole at the top of the Crown. There is a bar at the top of the ribbon with the word CANADA on it.


31 December 1931 for members joining on or before 1 September 1939.


The recipient's rank, name, and service are engraved on the reverse.


There have been approximately 3,700 awarded to Canadians.

There have been 130 Signals recipients of the Canadian Efficiency Decoration. Please see Canadian Efficiency Decoration - Signals Recipients for a listing of the individuals.

References and Notes

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