CMHQ Historical Report 56 - Operation Gauntlet - 20 Dec 1941

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CMHQ Report #56 titled "The Spitzbergen operation, August-September, 1941 (Special Expedition 111, Exercise "Heather", Operation "Gauntlet")" authored by C.P. Stacey.

Appendix "A": Order of battle, Force 111, note
Appendix "C": Personal and official letters on the successful completion of the Spitzbergen operation
Appendix "D": Operation "Gauntlet" : general orders
Appendix "E": Diary O.C. R.A.S.C., Force 111
Appendix "G": Diary kept by Mr. Ross Munro, Canadian press, of operations of Force 111
Appendix "H": Army film unit : secret dope sheet
Appendix "I": Canadian soldier's diary of the Spitzbergen expedition
Appendix "J": Notes on war diary of H.Q. 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade for Spitzbergen expedition
Credit: Department of National Defence / Directorate of Heritage and History
Source: [1]

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