Fort de Cote-Lorette Massacre Memorial

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Fort de Cote-Lorette Massacre Memorial
Memorial Fort de Cote-Lorette Massacre.jpg
Martyrs Crypt at Fort de Côte-Lorette
Year established: 28 September 1947
Country: France
Location: Saint-Genis-Laval
Coordinates: 45°41′56″N 4°47′05″E / 45.69889, 4.78472
Type: Public

The Fort de Côte-Lorette Massacre Memorial is located in the Lyon region of France and commemorates the approximately 120 prisoners executed at the Fort by the Nazi's on 20 August 1944.

On the morning of 20 August 1944, the Security Police in Lyon took approximately 120 detainees from the nearby Montluc Prison. The prisoners were taken in two buses, together with six cars in which there are the Germans and the French militia to the Fort de Côte-Lorette at Saint-Genis-Laval, where they arrived around 8:30. The hostages were shot in small groups in the guard house adjoining the fort. After the shootings, the house was burned with gasoline and detonated phosphorus.[1]

To date only about 80 of the victims have been positively identified. Their names appear on two plaques affixed to a surviving wall of the original guard house.

The following member of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals is commemorated here.

Engraved Name Service Number Rank and Name Inscription Location
Fort de Cote-Lorette Massacre Memorial victims plaque (1) detail.jpg
  Lt Alcide Beauregard Panel 1

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