Further Notes on Signal Communications April 1916

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Further Notes on Signal Communications April 1916 - Title page.jpg
Further Notes on Signal Communications was issued by the General Staff, War Office, during the First World War and is 48 pages in length. The publication date of this version is April 1916. Cover note states "These notes have been compiled as the result of the experience gained by certain units during ht present war. they should not be taken as giving official sanction to the methods described, but will be useful as a guide to practices which have been found suitable under certain conditions."

Contents are

I - General Principles
II - Signal Communications when Troops are on hte move
III - Line Construction
IV - Communications in Shelled Area
V - Organization of Signal Service for Trench Warfare
VI - Office Organization
VII - Maintenance in the Divisional Area
VIII - Maintenance in the Brigade Area
IX - Maintenance in the Battalion Area
X - Faults
XI - The Signal Office
XII - Telephone Operating
XIII - Zeppelin Messages
XIV - Training of Personnel
XV - Miscellaneous Points