General Order 146/1908

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The following amendment to "Dress Regulations for the Canadian Militia, 1907," is authorized. After para. 492 add:--

Full Dress.

493. Head Dress.-- White helmet, (universal pattern, Canada).  Puggaree of French grey muslin in six folds; plain brown leather chin strap.  Cap badge.

494.  Tunic.-- Fine drab serge, with collar and cuffs of Corps facings.  The collar ornamented with 1/2 inch service drab braid; collar badge of Corps; the cuffs pointed with 1/2 inch service drab braid.  Eight buttons in front.  The skirt closed behind, edged with French grey cloth on closing seam.  The front and collar edged with French grey cloth.  Shoulder straps of Corps facings; a small button at top.

495. Facings.-- French grey.

496. Buttons.-- Canadian Militia.

497. Trousers.-- Fine drab serge, with a welt of Corps facings one inch wide down each side of the seam.

498. Panaloons.-- Drab cord.

499. Sash.-- Crimson silk net backed with leather, without plaits; width, 2 inches; fastened with a four bar buckle fitted with horizontal overlapping loops. To be worn round the waist, the tassels over the left hip, to hag four inches below the tunic.

500. Boots and spurs.-- Black, Wellington, with steel box spurs.

501. Sword and scabbard.-- Infantry pattern.

502. Sword slings.-- Brown leather.

503. Sword knot-- Brown leather.

504. Sword belt.-- Web, worn beneath tunic.

505. Great-coat.-- Drab, (see para. 11)


506. Jacket.-- Service pattern, (see para. 30). Shoulder straps to be edged with French grey.

507. Trousers.-- Service pattern.

508. Breeches.-- Drab cord, (see para. 34).

509. Leggings.-- Brown leather, Stohwasser pattern; or khaki puttees.

510. Boots.-- Brown leather, (see para. 37).

511. Spurs.-- Jack, steel.

512. Belt.-- Sam Browne.

513. Scabbard.-- Brown leather.

514. Cap.-- Staff or naval pattern, drab, with French grey welts round crown and upper edge of the band, with badge of Corps in front.  In hot weather the cap is to be worn with a havelock.

Mess Dress.

515. Mess Jacket.-- As for Infantry, but of drab cloth, and with regimental facings.

516. Mess waistcoat.-- French grey cloth, open in front; no collar.

517. Collars and neckties.-- Collars, linen, with black neckties.

Effective Date: Jul 1908

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