General Order 147/1908

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(a) General Order 35, 1905, is hereby cancelled.

(b) The following clothing is authorized for issue to each non-commissioned officer and man of the Signalling corps, when the present issue of clothing requires to be replaced as unfit for further wear and is condemned by the Inspecting Officer.

The period of wear of the new articles will be that laid down for corresponding articles in para. 56, Clothing Regulations, 1905.

Cap.-- F.S. Khaki. (If not available, the Senior Ordnance Officer will issue Cap N.P. Khaki.)

Frock.-- Khaki.

Trouseers.-- Khaki.

Great-coat.-- Grey.

The pattern of the removable shoulder straps will be khaki serge, edged with French grey cloth.

(c) The equipment will be that for corresponding ranks in infantry regiments.

Effective Date: Jul 1908