General Order 65/1912

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In part:


2. CANADIAN SIGNALLING STAFF The following uniform for warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Canadian Signalling Staff has been approved :


Blue cloth, with collar, cuffs and shoulder straps of French grey cloth ; the skirt rounded off in front and closed behind ; eight buttons down the front, two at the waist behind, and two small buttons for shoulder straps ; the cuffs pointed, for Sergeants and above, gold lacing as for Departmental Corps.


Serge, blue, with four patch pockets and pointed cuffs ; shoulder straps, French grey.


Cloth and serge, blue, with 1/4 inch French grey welt.

Cap, forage.

Blue, with French grey band and welts.


Cap and Collar -- As for Canadian Signalling Corps Shoulder -- The title "Canadian Signalling Staff" in raised, plain block letters. Metal -- Gilding Metal.


A Tudor Crown on a maple leaf, surrounded by the title "Canadian Signalling Staff." Metal -- Gilding Metal.

Helmet, great coat, and all other articles not detailed above, are to be as at present issues.


Effective Date: 1912