General Order 82/1929

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1. General Order 56 of 1920, as amended by General Order 217 of 1921, is further amended as under:--

Sub-para. (1) of para. 1 is cancelled and the following substituted therefor:--

"(1). Eleven Divisional Signals. The Distribution of these units is two for Military District No. 2, one between Military districts Nos. 6 and 7, and one each for the other Military Districts."

2. Existing Signal Battalions will accordingly be reorganized into Divisional signals, and be numbered as at present, e.g., the "1st Signal Battalion, C.C. of S." will become the "1st Divisional Signals, C.C. of S.".

3. The three signal companies within each Divisional Signals will be numbered No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 respectively.

4. The 11th Divisional Signals, C.C. of S. in M.D. No. 11 is authorized to be organized to the extend of No. 1 Company, upon the re-organization accordingly of No. 21 Signal Company, C.C. of S.

5. The re-organization of the 2nd Signal Battalion into the 2nd Divisional Signals, in M.D. No. 2, is made retroactive to 1st April, 1929.



Effective Date: 1929