Hill 70 Memorial

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Hill 70 Memorial
CandE Cairn on Hill 70 Memorial path Nov 2018.jpg
Unveiled: 22 August 2017
Country: France
Location: Loos, France
Coordinates: 50°27′10.6″N 2°48′1.9″E / 50.452944, 2.800528
The Hill 70 Memorial is a memorial located in Loos, France as a tribute to the soldiers of the Canadian Corps who fought and died during the Battle of Hill 70, August 15th to 25th, 1917.

The Memorial site is made up of a several different elements. After leaving the welcome centre, the visitor begins a gentle climb along a curving pathway. Set into the pathways on the site are 1877 Canadian Maple Leaves, each representing a Canadian Soldier who died achieving the Victory at Hill 70. Continuing along the pathway the visitor enters the General Sir Arthur Currie Amphitheatre. This is one of the key features of the Hill 70 Memorial Site. Located immediately below the Obelisk, the amphitheatre is a central gathering point for visitors and tour groups who are exploring the site. Overlooking and standing some 70 meters above sea level is a stone Obelisk. Set into the Obelisk is the sword of sacrifice and the words: CANADA 1917. The tapered portion at the top is the height of an average Canadian soldier and represents all the soldiers of the Canadian Corps who fought throughout the First World War.[1]

The Communications and Electronics Branch made a significant donation to the project which was marked with the dedication of a tree along with a memorial cairn along the pathway.

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