Holten Canadian War Cemetery

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Holten Canadian War Cemetery
Cemetery Holten.jpg
Country: Netherlands
Location: Holten
Coordinates: 52°17′58″N 06°25′46″E / 52.29944, 6.42944
Type: Public
Owned by: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Number of gravesites: 1393
Website: Holten Canadian War Cemetery

The Holten Canadian War Cemetery is a cemetery containing predominantly those killed in the last stages of the Second World War and is located in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands fell to the Germans in May 1940 and was not re-entered by Allied forces until September 1944. The great majority of those buried in Holten Canadian War Cemetery died during the last stages of the war in Holland, during the advance of the Canadian 2nd Corps into northern Germany, and across the Ems in April and the first days of May 1945. After the end of hostilities their remains were brought together into this cemetery. Holten Canadian War Cemetery contains 1,393 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War.[1]


The village of Holten is in the north east of the Netherlands approx 20 kms east of the town of Deventer. The cemetery address is:- Eekhoornweg 7451 Holten Netherlands and the GPS coordinates are N 52 17 58, E 06 25 46.

"We Rest Here"

Early photo of Holten Cemetery with wooden crosses
The following members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals are buried here.
Headstone Service Number Rank and Name Grave Location
Burslem, Allan Mackenzie grave marker.jpg
- Lt AM Burslem IX. C. 11.
Davidson, Carsten Berg grave marker.jpg
M37759 Sigmn CB Davidson VII.B.12.
Druhan, Grant Albert grave marker.jpg
M36230 Cpl GA Druhan XII.A.14
Edwards, Alfred Rawnsley grave marker.jpg
B31573 Cpl AR Edwards VI.C.13.
Gaskin, Jack Hyman grave marker.jpg
D26890 Sigmn JH Gaskin VI.A.11.
Harrison, Robert Luke grave marker.jpg
H38836 Cpl RL Harrison XI.H.16.
Hughes, Maurice James grave marker.jpg
F26373 Cpl MJ Hughes VIII.E.5.
Johnston, Evan Llewellyn grave marker.jpg
- Lt EL Johnston VIII. A. 14.
Low, Matthew Thomas grave marker.jpg
W2073 Sigmn MT Low V.F.11.
Metcalfe, William Stuart grave marker.jpg
A50101 Sigmn WS Metcalfe VI.B.13
Randall, Arthur Harold grave marker.jpg
B32020 Sigmn AH Randall VI.E.4.
Rodgers, Burton Ronald grave marker.jpg
G16571 Sigmn BR Rodgers XI.G.5.
Rogers, Frederick Erven grave marker.jpg
F9585 Sigmn FE Rogers VII.A.1.
Rundle, Francis Gerrard grave marker.jpg
B113088 Sigmn FG Rundle IX.F.4.
Symington, James Alexander grave marker.jpg
- Capt JA Symington XI.C.15
Taylor, Ernest Raymond grave marker.jpg
G53254 LCpl ER Taylor VIII.A.10

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