Honour Roll burial map

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This is a geographical representation of the burial locations of those on the Signals Honour Roll, a list of the Signals personnel who lost their lives as a result of their service.


  • Please see the Graves of our Fallen Project for details on our efforts to collect photographs of the gravestones of those on the Honour Roll. The red pins are ones we still need photos for while the green ones have already been completed.
  • The pins in the Gulf of Guinea (corresponding to a Lat/Long of 0,0) are for those whose burial site has not yet been identified.
  • Please note that if there are multiple burials at the same location, only the 'top' pin shows in the map. Please use the Honour Roll list (sortable by cemetery) if you'd like to see if there are others there as well.

Some quick instructions:

  • Clicking on a pin on the map will show the name, personal and burial information for the individual along with any related pictures.
  • Near the upper left corner is a menu square that, when clicked, shows a list of the conflicts and the related burials. Each map layer can be selected or removed from the view.
  • The menu can be closed by clicking on the menu square again.
  • Choosing a name from the list will centre the map on that location and show the information bubble for the individual.