Lime Light

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Lime Light
Schematic of Lime Light
The Lime Light is a military signalling lamp used prior to the First World War. It consists of a lamp body, a spirit chamber, pressure bag and a stand.


The light is derived from a pencil of lime raised to a white heat, by forcing a jet of oxygen gas through the flame of a spirit lamp on to the end of the pencil.[1]

Canadian Service

The photo of 5 RCR in 1903 shows a lime light but it isn't known how widespread their use was in Canada. The Report of the Militia Council in 1910 states "Last year, two large lime-light lamps (as adopted for long distance signalling in the British Army) were received at the School of Signalling, Kingston. These lamps stood a good test. A long distance test will be made in the near future, when a full report will be submitted.[2]

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