Lorry WD Body Ford Type

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Lorry WD Body Ford Type
Lorry WD Body Ford Type 1936 (1).jpg
1936 Ford 2-ton Truck
Production history
Manufacturer Ford
Produced 1936
NumberĀ built 4

The Lorry WD Body Ford Type was a military vehicle based on the Ford 2-ton truck commercial design. Purchased from Ford, it was outfitted by the military with a "War Department" body.

The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals acquired four of the 1936 pattern vehicles for use as a motorized line laying vehicle. The body was outfitted with cable trays, a cable spool as well as seating for the crew. Underneath the body was a compartment for the poles required for suspending a line over a roadway or other obstacle. On the left outside of the body was hung a ladder while on the right was a line crook stick.

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