Lorry light Wireless Ford Type

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Lorry light Wireless Ford Type
Lorry light Wireless Ford Type 1936.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer Ford
UnitĀ cost $920
Produced 1936
NumberĀ built 2 (known)

The Lorry, light, Wireless, Ford Type was a military communications vehicle based on the Ford 1.5-ton truck commercial design. Purchased from Ford, it was outfitted by the military with a "Brigade Office" body.

In 1935 the Minister of National Defence made a request to the Privy Council to purchase passenger type vehicles to be outfitted for wireless work. Textual and photographic records indicate that the Lorry, light, Wireless, Cabin and Chassis, Ford Type was a 1936 Ford 1.5 ton lorry outfitted with an office style body and fitted with ??? Wireless set(s).

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