M152 Panel Truck

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M152 CDN 3/4-Ton Panel Truck
M152 Truck Panel Utility 3-4 ton original prototype (2).jpg
Service history
In service 1954 - 1975
Production history
Manufacturer Chrysler
Number built 1,038
The M152CDN 3/4-Ton Panel Truck was a vehicle in use by the Canadian Army between 1954 and the mid-1970s.

When the WW2 era CMPs were replaced, the M152CDN became the standard mid-range (3/4 ton) wireless and command truck used by the Canadian Army. Originally also planned were payroll, personnel, and petrol variants however these were not pursued. There were many Special Equipment Vehicle (SEV) kits designed to meet particular configurations including radio installation kits for dual C42 radios (C42/42), dual C42s with the addition of a C52 (C/42/42/52), AF/ICA-67 with either a C/42/42/R209C1 or a C42/52 configuration; unit command and staff officer office kit; message centre and staff office; signal centre (Royal Canadian Artillery); and electronic equipment, radio and line repair.[1]

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