M38CDN 1/4 Ton Truck Utility

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Truck, Utility, 1/4 ton, M38CDN
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Production history
Designer Willys
Manufacturer Ford Canada
Produced M38CDN: 1951-55
Number built M38CDN: 2,135
Weight 2,665 lbs
Length 38 9/16"
Width 60 5/8"
Height 72 7/8"

Wheelbase 81"
Engine Willys, F-head, 4-cycle, 134.2 cu-in
Payload capacity 1,200 lbs highway
800 lbs cross-country

The Truck, Utility, 1/4 ton, M38CDN was a light military vehicle designed by Willys as a replacement for the Second World War era Car 5-cwt 4x4. Made under licence by Ford Canada starting in 1951, 2,135 M38CDNs were delivered. Later models were the M38A1 CDN, M38A1 CDN2 and the M38A1 CDN3.

A line variant was created to support field line work.

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