Medal of Military Valour

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Medal of Military Valour.jpg
The Medal of Military Valour is awarded to members of the Canadian Forces, or a member of an allied armed force that is serving with, or in conjunction with, the Canadian Forces, for an act of valour or devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.The medal may be awarded posthumously.[1]


A circular, gold medal, 38-mm in diameter.


A plain gold bar with a maple leaf in the centre is awarded for a subsequent award of the medal.


A large maple leaf surrounded by a wreath of laurel.


The Royal Cypher (large) and Crown and the inscription: PRO VALORE along the lower edge.


A Fleur de lis attached to the top of the medal and to the bottom of a straight, slotted bar through which the ribbon passes.


The rank and name of the recipient are engraved on the edge.


The crimson ribbon is 32-mm wide, with three white stripes (3-mm wide), one in the centre and another 2-mm from each edge. A gold maple leaf is worn on the ribbon in undress and if a bar is awarded, two gold maple leaves are worn.


The effective date was 01 January 1993. First awarded on 27 October 2006.


There have been 89 issued as of February 2014 including 2 to the US Army and 1 Posthumously.

There has been 1 Signals and C&E Branch recipient of the MMV. Please see Medal of Military Valour - Signals Recipients for details of the individual.


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