Member of the Order of Military Merit

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The Order of Military Merit was established to provide a worthy means of recognizing conspicuous merit and exceptional service by members of the Canadian Forces both regular and reserve. Appointment to the level of Member is made for exceptional service or performance of duty. This has been interpreted to mean that, as a guideline, Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs), Petty Officers, Warrant Officers, and Junior Officers are generally appointed to this level. This is a guideline however and occasionally, Lieutenant-Commanders or Majors are appointed as Members if this is more appropriate for their level of responsibility.[1]


The badge of the order is a blue-enamelled, straight-end cross pattee (four arms, narrow at the centre and expanding towards the ends). The badge is edged in silver, and bears a silver maple leaf in its center, on a white background, surrounded by an annulus enamelled red which bears the inscription "MERIT-MERITE-CANADA" in silver, the annulus being surmounted by the Royal Crown enamelled in full colours.


There is no bar to this Order but one can be promoted within the Order.


The reverse is plain with the exception of an inventory number.


A small ring on the top arm through which another small ring attaches to the ring at the bottom of a silver laurelled bar (3 rings in all).


The ribbon is blue, 38 mm wide, with gold edges (4.8 mm).

The lapel badge, a blue cross with a silver maple leaf centre, is worn on the undress ribbon.


Each badge is numbered on the reverse but not named.


Members may use the post-nominal letters "MMM".


Order was established 1 August 1972.


As of 1 June 2012, there had been 2,527 appointments at the Member level of the Order since its institution.

There have been 216 Signals and C&E Branch recipients of the MMM. Please see Member of the Order of Military Merit - Signals Recipients for a listing of the individuals.