Meritorious Service Cross - Signals Recipients

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The Meritorious Service Cross has been awarded to the following 2 Signals and C&E Branch personnel.[1]

Name Award Era Award Date Citation
MGen D.G. Neasmith
18 September 2011
Brigadier-General Neasmith was deployed as assistant commanding general for Afghan National Army development, within the NATO Training Mission in Kabul, Afghanistan, from March 2010 to March 2011. His work yielded a significant contribution to the ongoing expansion and professionalization of the Afghan National Army, which was critical to revamping the country’s governmental systems and set the conditions for the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan people. Brigadier-General Neasmith’s leadership and performance brought great honour to Canada.
LGen G.R. Thibault
1 February 2003
As chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) since June 2010, Lieutenant-General Thibault has demonstrated energy, enthusiasm and diplomatic skill in leading this complex and diverse multilateral group. He is lauded for his interpersonal skills, his sensitivity to national differences of opinion, and his intellectual ability to astutely frame and convincingly articulate a vision for the reform and evolution of the IADB. His efforts have significantly added to Canada’s esteem within the board and to the advancement of Canada’s engagement toward the Americas.


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