Meritorious Service Medal (USA) - Signals Recipients

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The Meritorious Service Medal (USA) has been awarded to the following 26 Signals and C&E Branch personnel. In addition, 1 Signals and C&E Branch recipient has also been awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster denoting a second award.[1]

Name Award Era Award Date Citation
PO2 J.G.A.J. Allard
28 June 2008
Maj R. Dias
28 April 2014
Capt J.J.S. Drouin
3 November 2007
Maj J.D.E. Duquette
12 March 2011
Capt N. El-Beltagy
26 October 2013
MCpl E.A. Eltassi
30 July 2003
PO2 W.I. Laidlaw
8 January 2000
MCpl J.J.P. Legault (posthumously)
LCol P.J. MacKenzie
17 June 2006
Maj N.B. Marshall
5 May 2017
LCol R.G. Mazzolin
28 December 2002
Maj S. Morin
17 December 2005
Maj M.W. Moulton
10 November 2016
For exceptionally meritorious service as the Deputy Program Manager for communications information systems for the Canadian Armed Forces, Major Moulton distinguished himself by his dedication to duty and professionalism. His mentorship was key to increased Palestinian Authority security forces capability. Major Moulton's accomplishments reflect great credit upon himself, the office of the United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and the Canadian Armed Forces. [From 2 July 2015 to 15 July 2016]
Maj C.E. Penny
26 January 2019
LCol R.H. Prier
29 October 1994
Maj M.K. Purcell
20 September 2003
MCpl A.L. Ribble
12 November 2005
Capt J.M. Routhier
26 July 2003
Capt M.P.J. Roy
26 May 2007
Capt K.K. Schramm
28 July 2001
Maj W.C.C. Sheppard
30 September 2000
Maj E.W.A. Tupper
16 May 2013
LCol J.A. van der Laan
2 October 2017
Col G. Ward
20 April 1996
WO S. Watters
28 June 2008
LCol G.T. Whelan
16 May 2013

An Oak Leaf Cluster (representing a second award of the Meritorious Service Medal) has been awarded to the following Signals and C&E Branch personnel.

Name Award Era Award Date Citation
Col G.D. Ward
7 April 2001


  1. Data compiled from multiple sources including The London Gazette, Library and Archives Canada and Semaphore to Satellite